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September 28, 2003

I Miss Them

you probably won't remember me, its probably ancient history. I'm one of the chosen few who went ahead and fell for you. - jann arden *insensitive*

After a looong time, I finally got "connected" with ekai again. Hehe. We were talking a while ago on her being grounded from her phone. Then, after some hours, she texted me telling me that she got her phone back. Talk about sweet luck. n_n

Hey people, read these:

Ube: How's life? Am I still your (one and only) ube? ;p Anyway, I'm gonna try to attend your pantheon meeting next, next week. It'll be my sembreak by that time.

Urdnee-sama: We need to talk about your bothersome siblings. I can give you some tips on how we can make 'em sleep early. hehehe >:P Plus, I need some help on how to fix my bloggie. Anyway, can you still see the stupid ads?

Ekai-sama: *mwah* I've missed you! I thought I'll never ever see you again. Hehe. Anyway, I want to read some "bright side" blog entries in your bloggie. I miss those stories like the "ashite (iced tea)" entry. Anyway, I can't come to your school until sembreak. I'll try. n_n

Sammy: Hi! I hope you read this. Anyway, how's life? I know we're not that close (relative to noey), but I just want to tell you that we could be close. ;) Anyway, I haven't been updated on the newest members of your pantheon, so, could you introduce me to them if I happen to drop by?

Isis: ...you're just too busy. *sigh*

Anyway, time to go to bed. Bye!

ej-chan out.

September 15, 2003


Hmm.. anyone still alive? I'm feeling that I'm the only one in the world alive.

I feel alone... and lonely.

Does anyone still care whether I exist? Or do you still know the mere fact that I still exist?

This goes especially for you.

ej-chan out.

September 02, 2003

B-day boy

Ish my birthday, ish my birthday, i'm gonna party like ish my birthday!

.. and nobody knew it was my birthday.


ej-chan out.