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February 28, 2003

February 28, 2003 Friday 1.57 AM

i'm losing her...
i hope it's just me.

kale out.

February 21, 2003

February 21, 2003 Friday 10.52 PM
THE HECK! I can't fix my template... especially the archive. =s

I'll try my luck tomorrow... gud night guys!

ej-chan out.

10.07 PM
Wow! We just celebrated Biochem week! It was the best thing that happened in my life! *sarcastic smile*

Anyway, we had a party last night at Xaymaca at Timog. It was fun! We danced the whole night.. although I wasn't a good dancer. I bonded with other Biochem students for the sake of them knowing me (one of my many political tactics to win =p).

LASTLY, I'm very much proud to say that I didn't drink alcoholic beverage! Actually, I don't drink, smoke, do drugs... in short, I have no vices. n_n

... we had a quiz in Botany lecture. I passed, I even did better than those who didn't attend the party (who instead studied for the quiz).

ej-chan out.

February 17, 2003

February 17, 2003 Monday 11.35 PM
Hey ^isis_! I miss you na!!!

Anyway, they call me kale... and I don't have any idea who or what a kale is! So, I decided to consult a dictionary... and here's what I found out:

kale = (species Brassica oleracea, variety acephala), loose-leafed, edible plant derived from the cabbage of the mustard family (Brassicaceae) and including several forms. It is usually served as a cooked vegetable and is a good source of vitamin A. The leaves of fresh kale should be unwilted and dark bluish green in colour.

*sob* So, I'm just actually a cabbage in your eyes. At least, I'm good for something (a good source of Vitamin A).

kale out.

February 16, 2003

February 16, 2003 Sunday 4.14 PM
Hmm.. I was able to sleep afterall, and, I'm still alive! ^_^ Anyway, I still have to finish my report in theology.

later days!

1.57 AM
I just finished watching 'Coyote Ugly,' the last movie in my movie marathon. I think I'm getting to like movies in this genre. Am I getting abnormally love-obsessed or what?

Anyway, I'm gonna try my luck finding "My Bestfriend's Wedding" next time. So, if you have that movie... can i please borrow it, please?

By the way, ^isis is watching 'the perfect storm" at this moment. Oh my god! images from Ring 2 are again pre-occupying my mind! HELP!! I couldn't sleep! HELP!!

later guys.

February 15, 2003 Saturday 9.21 PM
Frolic in the brine, goblins be thine...

I watched Ring, Ring 0 and Ring 2 in a movie marathon in my house. ^_^ Hmm... what could I say? Ring 0 was the sweetest movie I've ever seen. *sob* It was tear-jerking! Sadako, toyama (or is it tomayama?) was a perfect pair... not to include their sweet scene wherein they said aishteru to each other. *sniff-sniff* Ring 2? Well, it was one scary movie!! I got freaked out after watching the movie! Sadako's mom was far more scary than Sadako herself. Hmm.. I'll have a hard time sleeping tonight. Maybe I should sleep with the lights on or I shouldn't sleep at all. *murmurs "mommy?"*


4.18 PM
I'm one happy person! She called (or I think I was the one who called) last night. ^_^ We had some series of relatively funny and psychologically-inclined conversations. ^_^ Anyway, my point is she didn't forget v-day. She greeted me (around 1.30 am) happy valentine's day which was music to my ears. ^_^

ej-chan out. ^_^

February 14, 2003 Friday 9.22 PM

Hmm.. what's a v-day without a date? Anyway, I forgot that today was V-day. It was only when somebody greeted me "Happy hearts' day" that I remembered that today was the mushy day of the year. *sigh* It was one stupid day... we had no classes for the afternoon (which really irritated me because all the while I thought I was late).

Anyway, she hasn't texted me yet nor called me up.. which makes my day more gloomy than ever.


February 12, 2003

February 13, 2003 Thursday 7.40 PM
Beware!! It's Thursday the 13th!!! ~_^

I just woke up... bangag pa ako. So, we were dismissed earlier than usual (around 11.30AM) and I went home na. I was supposed to surf the net the whole day but who couldn't resist lying down on my comfy bed? In short, I slept.

Anyway, tomorrow is Valentine's day and I still have no date... hmmm... what if I decide to visit ^isis na lang kaya? but, she has classes till 6pm, and she has a date with soc. *sigh* talk about spoiling the fun.

I think I'm gonna sleep all day na lang tomorrow.

Post scriptum: Melina!!! I think you can use the *hr* tag and *span* tags in your blog entry. You can embed html tags to your posts. ^_^

later guys!

February 12, 2003 Wednesday 9.44 PM

...it's a damn cold night, trying to figure out this life. Won't you take me by the hand, take me somewhere new, I don't who you are but I'm with you. * avril lavigne - i'm with you*

*sob* I still couldn't get some thoughts out of my head.. it seems that they'll be on my mind for quite some time. After a long time of not shedding tears, I sort of shed some tears last night. *sigh* I wasn't me the whole day (my classmates kept on asking me if I was alright). Thankfully, Lou consoled me before I bursted in tears.

It's just not fair... I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER more than anyone else! Yes, I do understand what she wants me to do for her... but it's just so damn not fair. But, I'll try... I'll try to submit to what she wants.. not because I found someone new but because I want her to be happy.

*sob* sino nga ba ako... bestfriend niya lang naman e.

ej-chan signing off.

February 11, 2003

February 11, 2003 Tuesday 7.31 PM
Oh my... my grades (in Chemistry, Mathematics) decreased by at least ten points. At least, my grades aren't at the brink of the normal curve. ^_^

I should study na talaga!

Anyway, I will run for assistant secretary for Biochemical Society. Vote for me!! Coincidence or not, sempai is buying the secretary position.

4 days before Valentine's day... I still can't find a date (actually I want isis to be my date)!

kale out.

February 9, 2003 Sunday 3.53 AM
I'm typing my research (actually it's copy paste =p) in Theology.

Anyway, why are people too obssessed with valentine's day? It's lover's day... although I would be hectic right now on what the h3ll would I give to my loved one. ^_'
Who's got a date on Friday?

Question guys! Did mandy sing "When I talked to you?"

Post Scriptum:
I found this entry that I have forgotten to post... January 26,2003. The entry is at the bottom part of this blog. *blushes*

ej-chan signing off.

February 8, 2003 Saturday 1.57 AM
It's almost 2am but I'm still up and awake! I just attended Ruby's debut at, I think it was at, Cavite or wasit at Las Piñas. Anyway, as I had expected... we just ate a lot of stuff. And, I met this La Salle girl by the name of Natalie although I intentionally called her Nathaniel for fun.
She reminded me of Glai (Glatita)!!

Anyway, I had fun... eating and munching other's desserts... who couldn't resist caramel? Hehe!

I should've logged earlier... noey logged off around 1am. Hmm... I'm gonna research on my Baptism report in Theology. See yah later!

ej-chan signing off.

February 07, 2003

February 7, 2003 Friday 2.39 PM
Day five of prelims... it's finally over!
After five exhausting days of review and extensive study.. prelims is finally over! Yey! BUT, I still got a lot of projects to pass.. one in Filipino, a report in Theology, another in English, then another practical exam in Botany lab.
When will this gruesome school life end? *sigh*

Hey, I took another test (Quizilla): What tarot card are you?

I am a magician.. so what does that mean?

By the way, it's my onee-chan's birthday today.

ej-chan out to party!

February 6, 2003 Thursday 8.34 PM
..at the end of a conversation, she always finds a way (either directly or indirectly) to make me smile. ^_^

ej-chan out..

Thursday 7.57 PM
She's asking if I'm jealous..
well who the h3ll wouldn't be?!


Thursday 6.52 PM
Day four of prelims... *sigh*
I had two exams, one in English and another in Calculus. English? Well, it was quite easy since we only had to memorize around 25 terms. Calculus? Err.. it was a dreaded test. Our lovely professor made a 40-item solve-and-compute-it-all-and-choose-from-the-choices type of test. Fortunately, I had a handy calculator and my table of derivatives! ^_^

Anyway, six days after Chinese new year, somebody gave me tikoy! Pat actually fried it for me.

Ponder on this:
A friend asked me, "what if I'm gone, will you miss me?"
I said: "No!"
My friend asked: "But why?"
I smiled and said: "Why should i?"

"...si ej ka ba?"

It really brightened my day! Thanks! mwah!

By the way, I'm currently talking to isis on the phone. ^_^
Hmm.. is she intentionally making me jealous? *sigh*

Later days!

February 04, 2003

February 5, 2003 Wednesday 7.20 PM
Day three of prelims... *sigh*
OH MY GOD!! I think I flunked my Chemistry exam! I interchanged my answers... *bangs head at the keyboard* As far as I can recall, this is my first case of mental block. Hmm.. or did I just underestimate the rotten mind of my gayish professor in chemistry.

To lighten up my mood... I took a test (Quizilla): What kind of virgin are you?
i'm a what?!

Oh my God! I'm a what?! God-fearing virgin? So, would that mean that I'm better off a priest? Hehe! I did dream one time that I was officiating a mass.

And another one (Quizilla):Where did your soul originate?
heaven... it's when i'm beside her!
You come from Heaven. You're the purest of pure, a saint. You're probably an angel sent directly from Heaven.

A test that would complement the first one. Am I really that religious? I like the last line... an angel sent directly from Heaven. Hmm.. if I'm an angel, who would I "guide and protect?" I know her for sure (and you know who you are). ^_^

ej-chan logging off.

February 4, 2003 Tuesday 3.06 PM
Day two of prelims... *sigh*
...it was just plain hard. Who the hell introduced Botany as a subject anyway? I had two tests... one in Botany lecture and one in Botany laboratory. Both tests were err... challenging. It took me around one hour and thirty minutes just to finish both exams (allotted time was two hours). *sigh*

On the bright side, we'll have chemistry tomorrow! Yey! I can't wait.

ej-chan out.

February 03, 2003

February 3, 2003 Monday 6.07 PM
I am Megumi Kurogane! I took a quiz (Quizilla): Which Gatekeeper Character Are You?

What the!? They have no pic? Where's megumi?

Anyway, at least, I am Megumi! *murmurs* clown!

ej-chan out... out to review. *sigh* it's just botany.

Monday 10.47 AM
Day one of prelims is over... *smiles*
The exam was easy, I took it without extensive reviewing. I just skimmed and scanned the pages before I took the exam. Hmm.. I think I really do have photographic memory. ^_^

By the way, here's an interesting quiz (Quizilla): What color should your eyes have?
...his brown eyes tell his song

Incidentally, I own a pair of brown eyes. *blinks*

(follow-up on that cute sempai of mine): she's third year. Yey! I can ask her to teach me Biochemistry subjects! Yey!

ej-chan out.

February 02, 2003

February 2, 2003 Sunday 2.45 PM
Review... review... review...
I don't understand why people hate exams.
By the way, I haven't reviewed yet... I'm still finishing this blog
(talk about priorities!).

*sneezes* Did I tell you that I'm sneezing here and there because I lighted incense last night for the New Year?

ej-chan out

January 31, 2003 Friday 6.51 PM
What inner color are you?
hentai blue
You are blue. You are somewhat innocent, in the fact that your genius only extends to the physical world. You have a false sense of contentness. You are usually the quiet one, the genius. Everyone can count on you to help when they have problems, but you only fall short of being able to solve your own.
Hmm... the description somewhat describes who I am. ^_^ 

By the way, there's this sempai of mine who's quite cute. ;p

ej-chan out.

January 30, 2003 Thursday 8.30 PM
HA! I survived four major quizzes (one in calculus, one in botany, two in chemistry) and to think of it, I didn't even study. By the way, I think I passed all quizzes. Beat that einstein! :p

I took a test (quizilla): what's your sexual appeal?

Err.. isis eden, is this quiz applicable? ALTHOUGH, I would be one if i WAS a she. ^_^
Lalala!!! I would look cute in glasses!!! Geez, I better find a shop that sells glasses to a 20/20-vision person.

ej-chan out.

January 29, 2003 Wednesday 9.51 PM
I'm soooo tired. I had classes from 7am to 7pm. *sigh* That's how life goes. I think I'll sleep after this entry.

Before I forget... DOWN with stupid, good for nothing, asinine, lazy BOTANY instructors! She asked me how I passed chemistry yet she doesn't even know what's volatile and what's not! She's getting in to my nerves! 

...zzzzzz. Hey! Oh my gosh, I have four quizzes tomorrow! BUT, I'm soooo tired... maybe I'll review later or maybe not.

Chao! zzzz...

January 28, 2003 Tuesday 11.06 PM
... I just don't want to miss you tonight *goo goo dolls - iris *

I missed kale so much that I decided to go to her school. ^_^
It was a very, very short visit (I only talked to her for about five minutes and then I left - she had a practice). In addition, I lived far from her school (God knows how far), plus I spent almost half a day near her school waiting.

Well, you can call me the most insane, most illogical, most irrational person in the world, but yes, it was worth it! Maybe it was love?

I hope she would appreciate what I have done. *sigh*

ej-chan out... with a big smile on my face!

January 27, 2003 Monday 10.18 PM
We had a short quiz in Filipino and I'm proud to say that I only committed one mistake! =) Who wants some chocolate?! I'm in a good mood today... I have no classes tomorrow! Yey! 

Here's one funny quiz: What type of animé character are you?

Hahaha!! villian is supposed to be spelled as villain. Don't mess with me or my friends... I could be one (excuse me for the term) bitchy villain - your worst nightmare. I'll kill you if you hurt anyone of them.

shut down... done!

January 26, 2003 Sunday 6.52 PM
I just attended Maoi-chan's 18th birthday last night. It was one cute night! At last, I saw my bestfriend after a very long time. My first comment was "oh my god, she gets more and more beautiful every time we meet."

She was... the most gorgeous and beautiful girl that night (besides mao-chan). Her face was angelic, her make-up looked so natural that I even didn't know if she was wearing a make-up or not. Her black dress complemented her physique. All-in-all, she was lovely!

... but I still miss her.