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April 30, 2003

April 30, 2003 Wednesday 8.18 PM
Hey guys, I found this cute article from some girlie magazine... beats me.

Hidden meanings behind Pinoy expressions
"mwah" means "i love you" -> hehe *blushes*
"wala lang" means "i miss you" or "love kita, 'di mo lang alam"
"musta na?" means "sino'ng love mo?"
"secret" means "ikaw" -> oo ikaw
Here's a cute one: "kayo pa rin ba?" means "ako naman"
"inaantok na ako" means "wala kang kwentang kausap"
"bakit naman?" means "alam mo namang ikaw lang e"
"nakakaaliw ka" means "ang cute mo"
"busy ka?" means "kausapin mo naman ako"

...share ko lang. *mwah!*

Anyway, maybe you're wondering howcome I'm on-line. Err.. let's just say that mom is not yet home.

ej-chan out.

April 26, 2003

April 26, 2003 Saturday 5.58 PM
I've been craving for food lately. Yesterday, I was craving for carbonara, the other day, I craved for hotdog sandwich, last Wednesday, I was craving for tuna sandwich.

I think I'm pregnant.

Or is it one of my monthly mood swings?

Later guys...

April 25, 2003

April 25, 2003 Friday 4.59 PM
Horaay for me!

I finally found a way to produce pure Sodium!! After days of extensive research... I finally got the theoretical aspect of producing Sodium from table salt (NaCl). Hmm.. I hope, it goes well at the experimental aspect. Wish me luck.

HEY!! Have you noticed the big contest in my site? Just point yur cursor on the big circular pic. n_n

Anyway, my isie went to boracay. *sigh* I should've come with her but my mom had different plans... she wanted me to finish the rehab. Speaking of rehabs, one last check-up and I'm done. You'll be in for a surprise.

Later guys...

April 23, 2003 Wednesday 4.35 AM
..silence is killing me. I still couldn't sleep. Every time I shut my eyes, I imagine things that only make me depressed. If this continues, I'll probably be shedding some tears later.

PLEASE, can someone give me a sign.

ej out.

3.33 AM

For the past hours, I have been diverting my depression on other activities. I have filled my sked with stuff to keep me busy. I thought I would be tired by now.. but I am not! So, here I am, shouting what's on my mind.

I really hate insensitive people.
I hate it when they barge in and mess with my life.
I hate it when they tell that I should fix my life, when they couldn't even fix their own life.

I am a person who has no right to love, nor to be loved. I don't deserve love.. trust me, i don't deserve it.


April 22, 2003 Tuesday 2.23 AM
I just attended noelle's debut. What could I say? I had a splendid time. The people were fun to be with, the food was yummy (except for the mango mousse, dear god, i wish i haven't eaten that dessert... it tasted like foam), noey was cute in that blue gown, I met a lot of people, and lastly, I finally got to dance with my best friend.

Hehe.. I arrived around 6.30pm, hoping I wasn't late (thank god i wasn't). I sat with the high school "kulasa" barkada (I was a kulasa by heart n_n). It was just fun! We were all laughing, making noise, teasing each other, blabbering about the food. I even met this sofia girl, who had a weird way of answering her phone. Who were at the table? Mao, Ice, Nate, Meloi, Sofia, Rosh, and me.

..it was memorable. I had a dance with ube, for I was one of her roses (thanks!). As someone said, she is now a lady, but her inner child will still be in her. Good luck ube on your R-18 life.

..it was "supernatural." Hehe... there were wiccans around. They even blessed the candles, treasures, etc. There were two wiccans that got my attention last night. First was the girl who wore an orange gown and the girl who represented air.

..her element was earth. Hmm.. come to think of it, maia was one cute girl. Why? She wore glasses... and I'm one person who considers someone wearing glasses as cute. We even have the same element: earth. n_n But that's all about maia.. i have no intentions of being knowing her more, bugging her, nor even becoming an affiliate of her.

She was lovely. I can't understand her though. She neglected me for half of the night... what did I do wrong (I did not even do anything wrong).

Anyway, the last part of the debut was so romantic. There I was, in front of her, hugging her, dancing with her. "...if this was a dream, I don't want to wake up." That was what I thought while she danced with me for two or three songs.

Suddenly, a heartbreaker incident: she told me that she had a crush on someone.

Anyway, that's about it. I'm dizzy na.

ej-chan is now signing off.

April 20, 2003

April 20, 2003 Sunday 6.18 AM

So, where is the easter bunny?

I just arrived from the province. Nothing interesting to tell... just the usual eat-sleep habit.

Anyway, did you now that Daphne OseƱa just had a baby. *sigh*

later guys!

April 15, 2003

April 16, 2003 Wednesday 3.56 PM
This is life! My dentist recommended me to undergo a very special diet... I'm eating only either ice cream or yogurt! Yes! Hahaha!! I had two cups of yogurt for lunch, I'll have ice cream for dinner. Isn't this wonderful?

Anyway, I'll be going to the province from Wednesday to Sunday... that would mean I couldn't be in touch with you guys... especially my isis.


12.05 AM
OUCH! My aching head!

Hi guys... I just had a date with my dentist. This time, she finished my rehab... including the lives of two poor molars who were just there, minding their business in my mouth. Believe me. my date wasn't an occasion to remember.

Bottomline, it was BLOODY (literally) & painful.

Well, at least, it was the last of it... not for another 5 years (not including the once-every-three-months-appointment).


April 13, 2003 Sunday 4.01 PM
Life's really boring during summer. Plus, you have to bear the heat wave of summer. Anyway, I'm again in front of my PC, drinking lemonade, blabbering about nothing in particular. n_N

For the past days, I've been sleeping quite late... around 3am, respectively. Must be my hormones kicking in again. Should I try some sleeping pills?

I've been looking at isis^ pics last night. Err... she really is a beauty. Need I say more?

Oh, nyre's birthday is coming... what should I give her? Any suggestions guys?


April 10, 2003

April 10, 2003Thursday 6.44 PM
Day two of my gruelling dental rehab. Hehe.. it wasn't quite painful (unlike last time) coz I slept. The dentist sounded like my professor... so I slept. n_n

Anyway, I have to fill three more rehab sessions and I'm done! Yes! I couldn't wait for that day to come.

Hmm... I should rest na. Nah! I like the pain I'm feeling. hehehe!

ej-chan out.

April 8, 2003Tuesday 7.50 PM
I'm gonna die... the pain dude!! OUCH!

The anaesthesia is wearing off and the pain is taking over. *sigh* Stupid dental rehab. I just had my teeth rehabilitated. Dude, I thought only psychologically-impaired persons need to be rehabilitated? *sigh*

Anyway, tomorrow's my monthly visit.. twice the pain.. twice the ordeal. Mom told me to take mefenamic acid.. which I would gladly do.

Did I tell you that I'm a masochist? n_n

signing out.

April 07, 2003

April 7, 2003Monday 9.23 AM
...now she tells me that I can come. Err.. I'm already undressed! Besides, I already told my mom that my gimmick was postponed.

I guess, I'm gonna sleep the whole day.

One big sigh...

9.12 AM
Her mom didn't allow me to be with her. *sigh*

ej out.

2.12 AM
I'm feeling quite better now. After a day of rest, I'm back to normal. Hehe... I thought I had SARS but luckily, it was just an acute case of tonsillitis. n_n

Anyway, I got some good news!! First of all, I'm the new assistant secretary of our Biochemical Society!! Hooraay!! Next, I got no appointment with the dreaded dentist. Finally, I'm going to Robinson's galleria to see my bestfriend!!

I also got some bad news. I still have no summer job (as if I was giving an effort in trying to find one). =P

This is ej-chan signing off.

April 06, 2003

April 6, 2003 Saturday 10.56 PM

Last night, I burned ^isis' CD with hopes to surprise her at KFC the following day. I was supposed to go to her mama's house to be the critic... I was supposed to to give her the CD... I was supposed to give her good company... BUT NO! I didn't go to her house, didn't give her the CD, didn't give her company. ALL BECAUSE OF THIS FRAIL BODY!! For god's sake, why'd he give me this fever the morning before I could meet my bestfriend. It's just not fair.

All my plans were ruined because of this fever! I technically planned everything... from leaving the house at 10am to inventing an excuse on why I missed my dental appointment. It's just not fair.

I think I am depressed, tired at the same time, thinking of these things. I should sleep.. but I can't!!

Everything's just not right today... today's not my day.

ej signing off.

April 01, 2003

April 2, 2003 Wednesday 12.02 AM

What the heck is the problem with blogger? I couldn't publish!
Nevermind, I'll publish it tomorrow.

Anyway, I almost forgot to tell you guys to post in flooble! PLEASE!! I need messages!

O-U-T now!

April 1, 2003 Tuesday 11.54 PM
Happy April fools' day! n_n
Anyway, I went to my dentist to have a regular check-up. Hehe... I had two x-rays and the general check-up. Boy, my head really ached after two gruesome hours of lying on that dentist chair.

I want to go to mc do tomorrow... not for their rice burger, but for someone sweeter than their caramel sundae. Hehe!

Hmm.. could anyone please comment on what shade/color should I use in my room!!

logging out... now!